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About Maria

I am an awakening doctor, coach and facilitator with a wide range of knowledge and experience derived from over 30 years in integrative medical practice and integral coaching. I am also a homeopath, an astrologer, an academic, and a yogini who is passionate about reading, dancing, music, singing, knitting, embroidery, and the sacred path of the feminine heart.

My career has taken many twists and turns as I continually seek to deepen and expand my understanding of health and healing. Over time, I have come to believe that health is less about the absence of disease and more about:

- the capacity to embrace being fully human - vulnerable, fallible and mortal - whilst at the same time staying deeply connected to that which is sacred, eternal and immortal within each of us.
- feeling awake, alive, embodied and free, even as we live in the body of the world with all its complex stresses, challenges and dis-ease.
- awakening the anatomy (being) and physiology (doing) of our authentic self and living that truth unapologetically and unashamedly in the world.
- aligning with the wisdom of our hearts as we seek to heal ourselves and our planet.

I have run a successful integrative medical practice, pioneered health and wellness coaching in South Africa, designed and taught curricula on Integrative Medicine and Integral Coaching, and coached patients, clients, colleagues and leaders in the private and public healthcare sector, both locally and internationally.

My approach is individualised to each client and spans the spectrum from genetic wellness screening to conversations about social identity construction and sacred activism in the world.

I specialise in bespoke online coaching for individuals who are navigating health, life and career transitions, supporting them to awaken to their full potential, reclaim their wholeness, and live authentic, passionate, purposeful lives.

  • South Africa