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About Shannon

Hey Friend!
I’m Shannon and I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m a Business Owner turned Transformational Life Coach and I’m obsessed with empowering women to own their magic, connect with their inner badass and unapologetically live life on their own terms.

I’m here to help you discover what you truly want out of life, eliminate your blocks and limiting beliefs, gain confidence and feel empowered to take action towards a life that is truly in alignment with who you are.

I believe in an unconventional approach to life and have never felt like I fit in the cookie-cutter mold of well…anything. (I love ripped jeans and curse from time to time, so sue me). I also have never believed in toning myself down in order to fit someone else’s ideals. I won’t diminish myself in order to meet someone else’s comfort level, and neither should you. You aren’t doing yourself or the world any favors by playing small. So go ahead. Take up space, be whoever you want to be, do whatever the eff you want to do with YOUR life and let them hear you roar.

I also have a personal interest in spirituality and mysticism such as astrology, energy healing/chakras, tarot and the like. I am a certified Healing Crystal Practitioner and can incorporate more of a transpersonal approach into our sessions if that is aligned with you.

Get ready to get real, dive deep and have some fun.

  • California, United States
  • Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship
  • Certified Healing Crsytal Practitioner
  • Certified Leadership and Transformational Life Coach
Who I Help
  • entrepreneurs
  • women,