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About Deon Dean

Hi you,
I love serving others, and my coaching involves seeing you as the most awesome person there is.
You see, you aren't broken, and you don't need to be fixed! You are just stuck in a structure that doesn't serve you. I was stuck in that old pattern in survival mode, the 3rd-dimensional story of being not good enough, of struggle, scarcity, surviving, sabotage and searching.
I wasn't looking for that missing thing in my life until my father passed away in 2019, then I started to take my life back, I knew it was there somewhere, and on my own journey to me, I reclaimed parts of myself that were missing, but I still thought I was broken and needed to be fixed!
In February 2020, my Sister introduced me to a new modality that her Mentor had developed called Magnetic Mind and a process called the Superconscious Recode. It was like the lights went on, and this was the missing piece of the puzzle that I needed. I wasn't broken, and I didn't need to fix anything, I just needed to decode and recode my brain into a different belief using my Superconscious. I joined the program and became a certified coach in the process.
This Method has given me a new life I have regained my self-esteem my self-confidence, lost 78kgs, Regained central vision in my left eye after losing the majority of my vision after a stroke in 2001, and was on heaving pain killers and anti-depressant medication now I am medication free.
I have worked with many clients and watched their world shift into something amazing, they are living the life they love, a life they created. They are living in joy, doing what they love, and being successful in their personal and business lives, they have the tools and capability to be Conscious Creators, and the transformation is humbling, to say the least.
This is not therapy, we don't fix, heal or use magic, affirmations or any out their stuff - we just come from what you want to create from your heart just because you love it. The results, as I said, have been transformational for people - the dis-ease they had has gone, depression gone, weight reduced, vision returned, able to walk again, business success, relationship success, so many things by not trying to heal, fix or be in therapy.
So if you are ready to transform your life, give me a call/book in for a session.

  • Australia
  • Magnetic Mind Certified Coach
Who I Help
  • Old souls, star seeds, people who feel lost trying to find who they are in life
  • People Choosing to Take their Life Back Going from Pain to Pleasure
  • People who feel they don't belong but know they are ready for massive change