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Revelation Life Coaching

Spirit-Led Transformation


About Revelation

Hello + Welcome!

My calling is to serve others in finding an authentic, wild and life-changing relationship with the Divine.

Many of us grew up with a set of beliefs around who God/Source/Universe is, but perhaps still struggle to personally experience a relationship with the Divine. Usually shame, guilt, negative past experiences, hurts from humans or life have led to you feeling distant, angry or unsure about who God really is and how this God uniquely sees you.

With the clients I coach, I support them in having a personal + tangible encounter with the Divine in a way that helps wake them up to more of who God is outside any box He's been put into. I serve them in learning how mysiticism isn't something just for a few, but for EVERYONE. This is an opportunity to grow in experiential truths of how radically lovable and acceptable you have always been and truly are, regardless of anything else.

I'd be honored to offer you a free 1 hour clarity session around your personal spiritual goals and to offer you a taste of my work. In this first session, if you are open, we will invite the Divine, the One, True and Highest Light, to come and make itself known to you and reveal unique facets of who you are. It's always amazing to watch people be blown away in this initial experience.

Regardless of your faith or religion, this experience can support you in encountering Love itself, and from this place, everything changes.

Interested to learn more? Please reach out! Come as you are and I look forward to serving you.

  • Washington, United States