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About Nikky

Nikky Plunklett intimately knows the challenges, fears, and judgement that come along with parenting challenging children. She became a parenting coach after earning her degree in communications, minoring in psychology, and becoming certified at the Fearless Living Institute. But it was the life lessons from raising her own 3 children - who each struggled with mental health challenges - that taught her how to find the courage to pave her own parenting path and motivates her to help others do the same.

She is affectionately known as The BUT Lady (with one T) because she helps her clients reduce the BUTs that are keeping them from becoming the confident parents they know they can be. Her virtual coaching business, New Beginnings Life Coach LLC., offers workshops and one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching programs to support parents who want to identify the root of their family struggles and make confident parenting choices with their challenging children.

  • Wisconsin, United States
  • Communications Degree
  • Decades of Parenting Experience
  • Fearless Living Coaching Certification
  • Psychology Minor
Who I Help
  • Parents
  • Under Confident Mothers