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About Lindsay

Health and wellness isn’t just for the rich and famous. It’s not just for former college athletes, lifelong runners, and expert home chefs. Health and wellness is for everyone, and Accountability Partners wants you on our team. Health and wellness goes beyond just eating right, working out, and having your life figured out. It’s finding the right combination of things that brings you joy in life.

It can be tough balancing all aspects of health and wellness alone, and even tougher if you’re just starting out. Accountability Partners is meant to be just that, your accountability partner. We want to help you build a personalized plan for meeting your goals and stick with you on your journey.

Running. Biking. Swimming. Everything in-between, let's do this!

  • Wisconsin, United States
  • 3-time Half Ironman
  • Certified Run Coach
Who I Help
  • Advanced
  • Beginners
  • cyclists
  • Everyone
  • Intermediates
  • New Athletes
  • Runners
  • Running
  • swimmers
  • Triathletes