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About Melissa

When we reside in a more mindful state, we are able to stay present and focused on each moment as it arises. When we live our lives in this state we are cultivating more inner calm and peace and therefore are able to make decisions that are in line with what we need rather than what we think we 'should' do. In today's times, this is becoming more and more difficult to do.  

My passion for mindfulness stemmed from my love of the mindful movement method of Pilates. Throughout my twenty-one-year career, I found that by keeping up a regular mindfulness practice I was able to stay focused and calm and began studying in this area to further enhance my teachings and my own life.

My adaptive coaching style, deep listening skills and ability to read people foster trust and loyalty with my clients. Over the years I have provided transformative experiences for my clients and teachers through her knowledge, ongoing education and intuition. It brings me joy and great satisfaction to help others overcome barriers so that they function at the highest level in their best health. 

  • Australia
Who I Help
  • career women
  • Entrepreneurs
  • mothers
  • stay at home mums
  • Women
  • young women