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Antti Vanhanen

Are you ready to come fully alive?


About Antti

Hi, I'm Antti.

let's cut to the chase:

If you weren't hurting, you wouldn't be here.

But you're here, which means there is suffering in your life.

Perhaps you want to be successful, rich, more confident, or in great shape.

Of maybe you just want to stop feeling empty, depressed, insecure, angry, or anxious.

You want to feel free, peaceful, and alive.

Of course you do. It’s your human birthright to do so.

It’s just that most of have been culturally conditioned to look in the wrong place.

We’ve been taught that it is the mind that is the key to our success and happiness.

But the mind is actually the opposite of this; it is the source of all our problems.

I will help you free yourself from the tyranny of the mind.

Once you realize the role your mind plays in your suffering, your relationship to your mind and the world around you will change. Radically. Effortlessly.

My job is to help you free yourself from the burden you’ve been carrying.

It is my job to help guide you back home, to make you fully alive.

The answers are closer than you think.

About me:

I have been coaching entrepreneurs, artists, composers, athletes and regular people since 2015.

I have a master's degree in Economics and worked in high tech companies as a strategist until my awakening in 2014.

My work is based on a deep, personal understanding of the non-dual nature of life.

In my coaching, my aim is always to create a safe space for you to fully relax so that you can finally be fully honest with yourself.

This may sound simple, but being totally honest with yourself is one of the hardest things for most of us to do.

Once you see things for what they are, life becomes effortless and fluid and we recognize peace and freedom as our default state of being.

If you feel you'd like to explore this in your own life, I welcome you get in touch.

  • Finland
Who I Help
  • artists
  • entrepreneurs
  • leaders
  • musicians
  • non-dual seekers
  • seekers
  • spiritual seekers