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About Rock

Over the last decade, I've helped 100's of high-achieving men and women - CEOs, top executives, and serial entrepreneurs - who've attained exceptional professional accomplishment but struggle behind closed doors. They come to me with success stories, yet face a personal life riddled with stress, crumbling relationships, and a nagging desire for purpose that extends beyond material gains.

I specialize in premier coaching for the professionally elite, delivering personalized strategies for work-life balance, relationship transformation, and defining purpose to ensure holistic success and a lasting legacy of fulfillment.

​You're 15 minutes away from pinpointing the specific barriers preventing you from creating balance and building a personalized plan that transforms your personal and professional relationships and secures your continued success.

About a few of my clients:

- Michael undid years of miscommunication and confidence issues, turned his marriage around, and launched construction of a million-dollar event venue in just 3 months.

- John transitioned out of his successful engineering career and was accepted to a prestigious international institution, gained newfound confidence and happiness, and finally left his hometown to travel the globe in 8 weeks.

- Anna eliminated her anxiety, deepened her relationship with her husband, and created a stellar routine for her children within 6 weeks and was able to turn her side hustle into a lucrative venture in 6 months.

- Carlos silenced his life-long saboteurs and navigated a high-profile divorce while reigniting his successful orthopedic surgery practice, expanding his industry presence, and sparking a new relationship in less than a year.

- Antonio shattered his self-limiting beliefs, pursued three new certifications, and successfully took the leap from corporate to a thriving personal business (achieving a milestone in its first month), all while nurturing a surprise for his girlfriend in under 90 days.

  • Massachusetts, United States
Who I Help
  • Couples
  • Executives
  • Men
  • Teens
  • Women