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About Rock

We’ve all been in a place where we want more and to do better - to truly be the absolute best we can be - but we're TIRED. We seek out guidance from books, podcasts, Instagram personalities, and friends or family. The problem is, just like us, our challenges and development in our personal and professional lives are unique and the guidance we get from those sources is often too generic to get us to A.C.T. (Acknowledge, Control, Transform). Everyone who knows and has worked with me says I’m ‘scary’ good at getting to the bottom of what’s really going on and then helping find just the right way forward so you can be successful.

As a coach, I help you establish your values, create the space for listening, facilitate accountability, co-develop positive habits, and brainstorm goals for you or your relationship to get back on track and showing up in the ways you want to. I believe in the restoration of personal power so we can get back to our natural kick-ass states in life, work, and love.

If this sounds like a fit for your needs, let’s set up a Zoom or phone call to talk a bit more about what’s going on.

  • Massachusetts, United States
Who I Help
  • Couples
  • Executives
  • Men
  • Teens
  • Women