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About LaRonda

Hii I'm LaRonda, the founder and Chief Counselor of Unmask Purpose Biblical Counseling & Coaching. Unmask Purpose equips people of faith to obtain a greater sense of purpose, become spiritually confident, and master self control through practical Biblical principals. I want to encourage my clients in all facets of life and help them to find purpose from their pain. My hope is that people feel less alone in the ups and downs on their journey through life.

I'm a certified Biblical Counselor with a degree in psychology and sociology. I am an expert in understanding and translating emotions. I facilitate 1-on-1 sessions to empower my clients to break barriers, rediscover who they really are and what they truly want, and explore ways to get there that are inspiring and feel right. We come together to learn soul-healing practices to live with purpose and build up faith.

My mission is to build UP people, to courageously take their rightful place in the world. As a Biblical counselor, I develop the mental, spiritual, and emotional field to remove trapped emotions, negative thought patterns, fears and traumas. Combined with life coaching, clients overcome self doubt, release limiting beliefs, find emotional balance and take on the mindset that allows them to level up and overcome hardships.

I live in Dallas, Texas with the man of my dreams and our two beautiful daughters. I have a passion for encouraging people and dancing.

  • Texas, United States
  • Certified Biblical Counselor
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Homemakers
  • People of Faith
  • Purpose Driven People
  • Wives