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ANNA Zoladkiewicz

Helping leaders to increase the ROI from their strengths, talents and skills so they can lead themselves and teams from the heart.


About ANNA

Understanding a person's ambitions gives me insights into the type of help, experiences, collaborations, and fostering they need to thrive. In my twenty years of work experience, people were always at the centre of everything I did, honouring everyone's individuality and preferences.
I challenge current perspectives by opening people's minds to new opportunities.
I believe that people supported, treated with consideration, and inquired appropriately can lead to the growth and success of their business.
I live by the science and the art of coaching. That's why I pair up with purpose-driven leaders who understand that the best way to personal and organizational shift and success starts with developing their inner awareness, presence, and consciousness.
Agree with Brene Brown "Leadership was about muscle, now it is about the brain, and it will be about heart." I work with leaders from the heart to disrupt the status quo, make space for strategy, look ahead, make an impact and lead the way. I created individual and organizational leadership programs like A.C.E., your company, to prepare the organization for Leadership 2030.
I am equipped to facilitate system coaching sessions on change, conflict and the coexistence of humans and technology.
Additionally, as a burnout survivor, I advocate for the preventive measurement on the individual, systematical and organizational levels by creating Burnout Cycle Program to support companies with burnout strategies to protect their employees from internal and external stress factors.
I am C.T.I. accredited Co-Active and ORSC (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching) Coach.

  • Netherlands
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders, Specialists
  • Teams