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Annie Little

Helping lawyers find their better case job scenario


About Annie

Attorney-turned-lawyer career coach on a mission to help lawyers land, lead, and succeed in the legal profession and beyond.

It took more than two agonizing years of boredom, anxiety, and illnesses (aka legit burnout) before I could admit my career needed a serious overhaul.

Not only because my physical and mental health had suffered, but also because I couldn’t imagine my future children knowing me as an attorney.

I didn't want them to see a miserable person who pushed herself to exhaustion and depression for a career she no longer cared about.

Now that my two kiddos are here, my goal is to show them that success doesn't have to come at the price of their happiness, financial security, or personal integrity.

Since 2012, I've been helping lawyers find success without sacrificing their well-being, livelihood, or dignity.

With my approach to career coaching, you’ll leverage the strengths and skills you already have in order to land, lead, and succeed in the job you truly want.

  • Pennsylvania, United States