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Sasha Tarasova

I help service-based entrepreneurs release money stories & get into energetic alignment in their business to increase sales without using sleazy sales strategies


About Sasha

I started as a Transformational Life Coach (I still work with clients in this area) because I healed myself from a suicidal depression and I wanted to help others get out of that awful dark place.

In the past year I've been attracting many service-based entrepreneurs into my world so I slowly transitioned into business mindset coaching, helping them release emotional trauma and limiting beliefs around money and sales so that they feel more confident and authentic in their marketing and business overall.

Today I help service-based entrepreneurs get into energetic alignment in their business to attract more ideal clients without using sleazy sales strategies and techniques by healing their money story and clearing their energetic blocks.

I mostly work with the subconscious mind and releasing emotions from the body because that's where we make the deepest, most profound changes that create positive transformation not only in business but in all areas of life.

To create a life and business that you desire you must first become the person who is able to create it and manage any challenges that may arise on the way there. That't the only sustainable way.

That's why I focus on creating internal transformation first and making identity shifts rather than focus on action plan/ strategy alone.

I'd love to invite you for a complimentary strategy session where we will:

- get crystal clear on the goals and vision for your business, your life, or both
- uncover any hidden challenged and blocks that may be sabotaging your success
- you will leave the session feeling clear, focused and motivated to overcome the roadblocks and start moving faster towards your goals!

Click the link to schedule your session 😊 Looking forward to connecting with you!

  • Netherlands
  • Certified Instant Miracle Coach
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Peace Process Master
Who I Help
  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Intuitive coaches
  • Service-based entrepreneurs
  • Spiritual coaches
  • Spiritual entrepreneurs