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dylan colt

Somatic Coaching for Personal Transformation & Social Change


About dylan

Somatics is a holistic path of transformation that centers the body to practice new competencies, new actions, and new ways of responding to life's pressures and opportunities. New skills are developed somatically, relevant to what you care about, so that they become more than just good ideas— they are actions and habits that eventually become second nature.

By working with and through the body, we can support your sustainable transformation toward:
Reclaiming Your Power & Purpose
Embodying Your Values
Mutual Connection
Increasing Your Resilience & Imagination
Leading & Impacting
Centered Boundaries & Accountability
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  • Washington, United States
  • Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Activists
  • Educators
  • Leaders
  • Organizers
  • Parents
  • People Pleasers