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About Eila

The opportunity to support you to find ways of feeling more embodied and positively centered in your life is my favourite work right now.

It’s so easy to lose track of what’s important. Culture likely has you tethered to many things that you didn’t choose, perhaps don’t even resonate with any longer. I’m with you on that.

Maybe your body is hurting, or you’re losing sleep. Stress feels like it’s piling up higher and your day to day enjoyment is waning. I hear you.

What I’ve come to know in my bones is, there is a way through. And it’s not about what’s wrong with you.

As a somatic coach, my goal is to support you to feel more centered and empowered amidst the ever changing.

Together we'll explore an orientation to presence within the body. The body is a vessel of slow time, a home of extraordinary intelligence. I support you in building a listening room for you to get to know your inner wisdom more and more.

Your inner resources become your sanctuary.

  • Canada
  • BodyMind Psychotherapy Level 1 Susan Aposhyan
  • Interdisciplinary Movement and Somatics, Somakinese School
  • Positive Neuroplasticity - Rick Hanson
  • Somatic Coach IFS Informed
Who I Help
  • Folx seeking connection with their embodied life