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About Sonia

I’m an Integrative and Somatic Coach.
My vision is to unlock the heart's deepest desires so individuals can build a heart-centred life, aligned with and driven to achieve their most fulfilling & inspiring dreams.
I've helped many individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs achieve their goals with empowered purpose and focused energy through hundreds of hours of coaching. My clients have transformed how they approach their lives by shifting their energy into priorities that are truly valuable to them while integrating all parts of their being to free up more capacity so they can show up empowered from a place of abundance and presence. While a lot of the deep dive coaching addresses the internal dialogue, the strategies and roadmaps support them in achieving their next levels of success and goals. Through customized one-to-one programs and workshops, I support clients in making impactful change, we free up energy, and they experience a happier, more connected and joyful life.
I’m a Mastery Method Certified Coach with Somatic Experiencing mentorship and training. My approach leverages the power of the body and unconscious mind to help rewire ways of being that are blocking or holding you back from your next quantum growth.

  • Canada
  • Mastery Method Coach
  • Somatic Stress Release Level One
Who I Help
  • Corporations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals
  • Men
  • Mothers
  • Non-binary
  • Women