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Rose Cecchetto

I help women on the verge of a breakup release fear and embrace love to reclaim their life with confidence!


About Rose

As a certified Relationship and Positive Intelligence Coach, my goal is to help you reset your mindset by:

– Releasing fear so you have a clear, laser focused mindset

– Embracing love so you can understand your worth, use your voice, stand your ground, and recognize that independence creates internal and external freedom

– Reclaiming your independence and life so you can free yourself from the prison you have created in your heart so you can love more deeply and allow others to love you back in the same way.

Once you have released fear, embraced love and reclaimed your life with confidence, you will be in a place of love, with a clear, laser focused mindset so you can make the right choice, with confidence, of whether you should stay or go.

  • Canada