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About Kristian Magelund

Hi, my name is Kristian, and I am 39 years old, and I live in Denmark.
I recently finished my education as a coach, Advanced Fundamental Coaching Skills ICI, through
For as long as I remember, I have enjoyed talking and interacting with people, why it might seem a bit strange I hold a master’s degree in structural engineering, but I do :) And I do believe I have learned a whole lot about human interaction throughout my career as an engineer.
This combined with my coaching skills only makes me stronger as a human and specially as coach.
I also climb trees and cut them down as a certified tree climber/Arborist, this is mostly as fun :)

I do believe I can help support you’re on your awesome journey, and I do believe I can coach on most things, though some might be more difficult than others, nevertheless I see it as a challenge.
Don’t hold back, contact me and let’s have first chat to see who each other are

Many kind regards and best wished

  • Denmark
  • Advanced Fundamental Coaching Skills ICI