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Christine Kotik

Dream. Believe. Achieve. Empowering ADHDers to thrive in a neurotypical world!


About Christine

At CK ADHD Coaching & Consulting, we are very action-driven but with a total ADHD understanding.  So while there might be a big end goal...we start with much smaller goals, sometimes even the smallest of small...  and build on that success to fuel other successes.  And as the coach, I'm a partner in helping people come up with the strategies and plans that are best suited to them. Along the way, I'm there to assist with tweaking plans and providing encouragement and accountability. I'm not "treating,” "curing,” or "fixing" people. I am helping them find the game plans that will allow them to maximize their natural born potential, finding the game plans that will enable them to thrive in a neurotypical world!   I LOVE that I get to help people in this way.  

I work with individuals from elementary school to adults to improve results by managing their ADHD struggles and building on their natural strengths. Building self-knowledge around how ADHD is getting in the way, uncovering strengths to call upon, and developing strategies and skills leads to improvements in academics, social settings, and employment.

In over seven years of coaching my ADHD clients, areas that continually come up are sleep, nutrition, and exercise. This led me to seek out a Health and Wellness Certification. I am a Certified Health Coach focusing on adults and seniors through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. I serve on the Board of Directors of the ADHD Coaches Organization and am a Professional Member of CHADD and ADDA. I am the former director of education and trainer for JST Coaching & Training, the leader in student and ADHD Coach training. I have dedicated myself to broadening the reach of ADHD education and advocacy through participation as the coordinator of Columbus, Ohio’s CHADD chapter and a licensed facilitator for CHADD’s Parent to Parent program.

  • Ohio, United States