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Erin Bader

Become the leader you'd love to follow.


About Erin

I was recently asked to speak to a group of coaches on the topic of RARE Leadership, where I share how to endure hardship. As I reflected on my own leadership journey, I remembered a couple of sleepless nights due to my emotional immaturity that caused me to be ineffective in my leadership. One person had become the problem I needed to solve, so I responded in defensiveness. Defense was my armor of perfection to cover my exposed inadequacies. But such actions caused me to become unapproachable to those I served. With such a lack of communication, all our work suffered.

Do you recall moments of immaturity as you have led? Would you like to take charge over those moments and become the kind of person others love to follow?

I have become a better leader through intensive training and certification that gave me a good growth pan for leadership. It bridges the gap between effective and ineffective leadership. I now know what to do when something or someone triggers my defense mechanisms. I can pull from a long list of effective leadership tools. This allows me to remain relational while valuing people as more important than problems.

Would you like to discover your growth plan for leadership? If you set up a 60-minute discovery call with me, we will assess your leadership maturity level together and develop skills to move you forward.

I no longer need to worry about feeling ashamed of my actions, because I now have the tools to help my team perform at their maximum capacity. This creates a contented and cohesive workforce, which means we all accomplish more in a more relaxed atmosphere.

With good leadership training, you can become the person you’d love to follow.

  • Idaho, United States