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About Melanie

Are you an entrepreneur with tons of ideas who’s struggling to implement your vision? If yes, then I'm here for you.

Feeling out of control and struggling with no work life balance? I'm also the coach for you.

I help visionary entrepreneurs reach – and stay in – a place of deep wellness and success.

Together we'll develop and implement a strategy to do the following:

- balance your work and life
- build your confidence
- develop your mindset
- grow your sense of connection to yourself and others
- lower your stress
- get you moving more!

I'll also be your accountability partner throughout the time we work together. Please note that I'm an American currently living abroad in the Central European Time Zone. But I'm used to accommodating time zone differences - so don't let your location hold you back from reaching out!

I currently offer an initial trial session. If we decide to work together, you can choose from my available packages.

If you're curious about working together - don't hesitate to reach out! I'm happy to answer any questions and set up an introductory call.

  • Serbia
  • Certification-in-process through Optimize Coach
  • Longevity Coaching - Certification - in process
  • School of Coaching Mastery - Coaching Fundamentals
Who I Help
  • Artists
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Founders