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About Jakkie

Are you unhappy with the current version of yourself? Or dealing with unrelenting pressure and feel like you’re drowning & can’t keep up with life’s demands? Or maybe you are trapped by your thoughts and finding it hard to get out of your own head.

I’m here to help you release the stress of all of this, and confidently show up for life on your terms.

I was right there where you are. I had built a “successful” and “normal” life so I was happy, right? I mean I had a degree in hand, I liked my job, worked out, and had a steady partner. Everything looked good on the outside, but internally, I was a mess. The chronic pain, spacey-ness, irritability, and unrelenting pressure never seemed to stop. I was unhappy and lost in this version of myself. Finally it got to be too much.

I did the hard work and found a way that ends with confidence in my abilities and in my future. Now, as a psychotherapist, it’s my mission to support others who are feeling inadequate or unworthy of where they’re at in life to confidently show up for life on their terms. I’d love to help you, too.

Together we’ll move through my program, Connected & In Control, where I’ll personally guide you along the path to find a way to make your life work for YOU. We’ll tackle the five major areas of your life and revive (or reinvent) each one to create an experience you won’t believe.

It’s not too late to turn your life around. You can:

Discover how to decrease the impact of stress in your life so you can find harmony in all you do.

Break patterns of overwhelm & shutdown and step into deep connection with yourself and others.

Step away from feeling inadequate or unworthy of where you’re at in life and own your success.

To get started, email me or call me (218) 206-6676 to book your free consultation call.

  • Minnesota, United States
Who I Help
  • Entreprenuers
  • Professionals