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Dr. Sara Vogel

Helping women say FUCK YES to creating their most pleasurable and powerful lives by unlearning socialized shame around their bodies and sexuality.


About Dr. Sara

Women are fed a lot of sexist bullshit- be thinner, now you're too thin, be prettier, be sexier, but god forbid you want sex you slut, be quiet, be louder, not that loud, you sound like a bitch...just be...anyone but yourself. I help women unlearn that nonsense so they can create lives full of power and pleasure. Our time is now ladies. You have suffered in the noise and nonsense long enough. It is time to make power moves and live the lives you deserve- lives filled with good sex, happy motherhood, self-love, body acceptance, and careers you wake up excited about.

My name is Dr. Sara Vogel and I am your fun, feminist, TMI-does-not-exist, pleasure and power coach. I love saying the word fuck, because I fucking can. I am a boss bitch with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, original research on women and power, and am on my way to become an AASECT-certified sex educator. With fifteen years of mentoring and coaching women (most recently working primarily with survivors of sexual violence), I have the confidence to know that whatever you are dealing with, we can work through it together. Let's get you feeling like a fucking queen-because you are.

  • Hawaii, United States
Who I Help
  • Feminists
  • Moms
  • New Moms
  • Professional Women
  • Single Women
  • Women