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Anne van der Giessen

Helping men feel free by finding more peace, power and possibility in their lives | Certified Master Coach | Confidante | Thinking Partner


About Anne

Anne is a Certified Personal Development Expert and Coach with a mission to help people feel better in their own skin, embrace who they are and open themselves to a more meaningful, connected and impactful experience of life.

Freedom is her product, and the components of that she intentionally cultivates with her clients are PEACE, POWER, and POSSIBILITY.

More specifically, Anne supports clients with stress management, anxiety and decision-making, anger issues, improving personal relationships and behaviour change.

She works with business owners, founders, professionals, executives and more generally people who are willing to say yes to their dreams, goals and objectives.

The men who work with Anne:

- Have a proven record of success
- Feel frustrated that they've hit a level they can't move past
- Are seeking someone they can trust as they confront their limits

Anne's approach is human-centred, and she is recognised for creating an open space where her clients can offload their heaviness and get back to life feeling lighter and more empowered.

"Anne helped me unfold and unravel some limiting beliefs, but at the same time, never forgot about the end goal." -FL

"..what I liked most about working with Anne is her intellectual depth. There is no subject that is too complex for her... She reminds me of Sat Shree, a spiritual teacher who's approach is also very analytical and intellectual." -JP

"She helped me put some deeply rooted anger behind me. To erase some traumatic experiences..." -GB

  • Netherlands
  • Certified Master Coach
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
Who I Help
  • Business owners
  • Creatives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Founders
  • Leaders
  • Professionals