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Samantha Mackay

Supporting your self-development, from healing to growth and beyond, amplified by the Enneagram


About Samantha

Samantha Mackay is the founder and coach at Individuo, specialising in using the Enneagram to amplify personal growth and healing.

Samantha was a litigation lawyer until chronic stress and burnout lead her to evaluate what she really wanted from life and to find the source of her pain. To recover from prolonged stress, anxiety and an autoimmune condition, she realised that healing could not JUST take place in one's physical body. It also has to take place in their emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies too.

She focused on seeking treatments that provided long term relief rather than a short term band-aid in all four of these realms. A process that began 15 years ago.

Samantha has been a certified coach for 10 years. However she wanted a way to tailor coaching to each client, increasing its effectiveness. Five years ago she started certification training in Myers-Briggs and more recently the Enneagram, to provide specific, customised approaches for each client.

"By tailoring my approach, I can help each client can feel seen, heard and understood more quickly, so we can work on the heart of the issue sooner. As an ENTP, Self-Preservation Seven I am skilled at ignoring all the bad stuff until my body made it clear that was no longer an option, and I ended up in the emergency room. I know what it's like to live with constant pain. While I had discovered some of the Enneagram's lessons before I knew it existed, working with it has amplified up my growth and healing."

Samantha can support you on your healing journey, helping you invest your time and energy on the issues that will give you the greatest shift.

Samantha is based in Australia and New Zealand, but works with clients across the globe.

  • Australia
  • CP Enneagram, Professional Enneagram Certification, 2022
  • Neuroleadership Group, Certified Results Coach, 2012
  • Personality Hacker, Certified Profiler, 2018
  • University of New South Wales, Master of Laws, 2005