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Sheri Bell

I’m in the Superhero business: I help women to stop letting fear sabotage their best life. #superpower


About Sheri

Ignite Your Inner Superhero!!

Even minor shifts, compounded over time, will move you forward. Channel your fear. Self-regulate your thoughts and emotions. Accept and love your full self. Adopt a Growth Mindset. Create an awesome life that honors, empowers, and delights you. You already hold the power!

Your Mental Fitness Is the Key...

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of feeling afraid. You’re tired of feeling unworthy. You’re tired of living small. You’re tired of self-sabotaging opportunities and blessings that come your way. The Good News: Develop powerful mental fitness, and you’ll experience MORE joy, love, and success in your life. Reduced stress, amped personal power. Win/win, right?!

I coach using the PQ Positive Intelligence® model, which powerfully helps my clients to identify and diminish the mental blocks stealing their hope, courage, resilience, confidence, and peace.
They learn to weaken their inner critical Judge and other mental saboteurs, and to strengthen their Sage, the highest and best part of themselves. As their perspective shifts, they are able to “do life” with compassion, curiosity, kindness, and trust for themselves and others.

They learn to mindfully monitor their mental “stories” and assumptions that create drama. They reduce the time they spend getting emotionally hijacked, and show up powerfully with affirming self-control. They identify their big “Why” for life, to set goals and create life plans that successfully move them forward, with accountability.

They come to BELIEVE they are badass Superheroes — and prove it by SHOW UP. Yay!

Let's chat about your life, Gal, and where YOU WANT TO EXPAND your territory. You were born for this. Ignite YOUR inner Superhero TODAY!

  • Texas, United States
  • Virtual Coach, working on Positive Intelligence® certification
Who I Help
  • executives
  • leaders
  • women