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About Avegaile

Are you yearning to unleash your full potential and make a difference in the world?

Are you feeling diminished by your current work or work environment?

Do you find yourself tangled in feelings of confusion, overwhelm, self-doubt, and anxiety, unsure of your true worth and purpose?

I can relate.

I've been there too.

I can help you go from uncertainty to clarity, from anxiety to confidence, and from feeling diminished to realizing your inherent value and power.

Given my cultural background and lived experiences, I am particularly passionate about supporting racialized women who are navigating career or life transitions and/or reconciling with the complexities of intersectionality of their identity as first or second generation immigrants.

If you're curious about my offerings, please visit my website and book a FREE introductory session.

Hope to see you!

  • Canada
  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Transformation Life Coach
  • Dialogue Education
  • MA Professional Communication
  • MA Transformative Leadership
  • Positive Intelligence®️ Coach
Who I Help
  • first/second generation women immigrants
  • racialized women
  • women in the public service
  • women navigating life or career transitions
  • women social entrepreneurs
  • working women professionals