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Gianantonio Corna

Step into the modern era of holistic healing.


About Gianantonio

In my two decades of exploration and practice within the field of Reiki, Mindfulness, Tibetan Medicine, and the fascinating studies of neuroscience, I have discovered a pathway to profound healing and self-discovery.

The BeMindful 24/7® Signature Treatment is the culmination of this journey—a unique, holistic approach that weaves together the ancient wisdom of Reiki and Tibetan Medicine with the transformative practices of life coaching and mindfulness, and the knowledge of the latest insights from neuroscience.

This holistic modality, available for both in-person and remote sessions, is designed to help you alleviate daily stress, enhance focus, tap into your inner intuition, and build resilience against life's challenges.

Together, we can create new pathways of resilience and well-being.

  • California, United States
  • Mindfulness Coach
  • Reiki Master
Who I Help
  • Athletes
  • celebrities
  • CEO
  • entrepreneurs
  • Politician