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About Colette

As an Empath, HSP and Certified Holistic Health, Life and Mindfulness Coach, who's been on a journey of my own with anxiety, I deeply believe in our ability to create our lives, overcome challenges, heal, re-discover and step into our Beautiful selves - and I hold that belief for you even in those moments you don't. 

I also believe that Energy is everything! Including the power of words (how good do the words *Nourish & Inspired* feel! - and yet other words can feel so *heavy*). And I believe that getting heart-centred, taking a mindful breath and getting grounded in the present, is one of the keys to reconnecting with the magic and flow of life.

I'd be honoured to take you on one of my Nourish Wellness Sanctuary Coaching or Mindfulness journeys to become more inspired, empowered and aligned with your Truth 💗

  • United Kingdom
  • Certified Health and Life Coach (HCI)
  • Mindfulness Certification
Who I Help
  • Women, especially HSP / Empaths, Mental Health challenges