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Anishia Ballantyne

I am passionate about supporting neurodivergent humans on their quest to love themselves, reach their dreams, & design a life that works for their brains.


About Anishia

I am an ADHD life coach, behaviour analyst, fellow late-diagnosed ADHD-er, & cat mom. I created Authentic Self ADHD Coaching to provide people with the support and empowerment I was always looking for, but could never find. I work with...

- the student in university who used to have it together but now everything is falling apart

- the overachiever who looks like they have it all together at the price of constant overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout

- the professional who is trying to juggle all their responsibilities, but is waiting for a ball to drop

- the newly diagnosed ADHD-er who wants to explore the potential in designing a life for their brain

- the person who feels like their brain does whatever it wants and they're just along for the ride

If this sounds like you, welcome to the club! I see you. I've lived this. You're not alone. ADHD does not mean you are doomed to fail at life, you just haven't learned how to work with your brain yet. You can design a life that works with your brain & I will help you get there.

  • Canada
  • Board Certified Behaviour Analyst
Who I Help
  • ADHD adults
  • Autistic adults
  • Neurodivergent adults