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Cardra Smith

I help working professional attain their personal goals outside of their career.


About Cardra

I am a wife. I am a mother, I am business owner, I am a coach!

I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 13 years and finally faced my fears and left. I had to leave because my desire for more was becoming to strong to stay. Working on my personal goals and in my own business have been a journey of ups and downs but the attainment of freedom and growth has been my greatest reward. Now my goal is to help others full their void through virtual coaching.

I can help you gain clarity and figure out what’s holding you back, set clear goals based on what you want most, develop strategies and to implement an action plan to make the most of your time while providing the support and accountability you need to get things done.

From a thought you can create an idea, but that ideas means nothing if you don’t write it down and formulate a plan.

From a plan you can create a dream, but that dream means nothing if you don’t work on it and take the action needed.

From taking action you can create your reality, but that reality means nothing if you don’t work diligently to gain positive results.

When you nurture your ideas you grow a forest of confidence, lessons learnt, new ideas, success, and a greater potential living a more fulfilled life.

  • Bahamas