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About Peta

I am a transformational coach and a USA licensed psychiatrist.However, my role here is as your coach and not psychiatrist.

Does your life need a transformation?
Do you want to overcome your blocks to live the life you desire?
Are you working hard but not feeling the rewards?

Perhaps things look fine on the outside but inside you feel like something is missing or lost and you can't put your finger on it.

Have you lost someone or something significant in your life and now you feel like you are in a boat without a rudder …and possibly not even a paddle? Or maybe your boat is stuck on the sand and you don’t know how to move it into the flowing water?

You want to get back on track … or on a new track - to see what lights you up and raises your energy but you don’t know where to start.

I work with people in transition and professionals seeking a better work life balance, in a career crisis or wanting to build their life they want around their work and not the other way around.

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