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Michael Wilkovesky

Learn how you can become more confident in your life


About Michael

If you are not feeling as confident in your ability and have trouble keeping your motivation at a level that enables you to move towards your goals, then a Life Coach may need to become a member of your personal team.

Helping you to become more confident, motivated and ultimately more successful are the main goals of my practice.

I work with individual clients or small groups to help them to understand the aspects of confidence, motivation and success that they need to incorporate into their lives. With follow-on and follow-up sessions, I continue to increase the levels of confidence and motivation and guide the client to a more successful life.

My sessions are customized to the clients needs but I also have set self-paced programs that can be used.

You can book a no-obligation call by contacting me at the email address in my profile and we can talk about where you are now, where you want to be and how to get you there.

To your success.

  • Canada
  • Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Assistant managers
  • AVPs
  • Graduate students
  • Managers
  • VPs