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Serena Holtsinger

Helping you implement high-impact diet + lifestyle tweaks so you can live life at 110%


About Serena

Hi there. I’m Serena.

I’m an expert in holistic health optimization, and I’m here to help you implement high-impact diet and habit modifications that enable you to feel absolutely incredible.


So you can show up at your fullest capacity for the people and things that matter most

(ultimately what life is all about, right?)

After struggling for years with chronic anxiety, low-grade depression, gut issues, addiction to sugar, white flour and processed foods, bloating, brain fog, general inflammation, and generally feeling like I was living life at 50%, I decided I had enough.

I dove in, learned that all of these things were ultimately linked, and that we have much more power and control over both our health outcomes and how we feel than we‘ve been made to believe.

In compiling wellness programs and making suggestions for my clients, I draw from leading scientific research, protocols and insights of Functional, Integrative, and Naturopathic medicine, biohacking, epigenetics, quantum biology, and herbalism. My relentless curiosity drives me to consistently seek out the interventions and modalities that lead to the most vibrant, beneficial health outcomes possible… all without the detrimental side effects

(because you deserve better)

I believe in the power of real, whole, nutrient-dense foods, circadian alignment, personal mindset, connection to nature, quality sleep, and last but certainly not least: the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

When I’m not nose deep in a book or listening to a podcast on health & lifestyle optimization, you can find me hiking, trying a new recipe, tending to my flock of silkie chickens, or riding my adventure motorcycle.

I’m glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to help you thrive ♡

  • Massachusetts, United States