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About Shelly

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client. Coaching helps you to achieve your personal, professional, or academic goals and it opens new possibilities and perspectives in a non-judgmental and encouraging space.

My approach to coaching is centered on you, the client. It is also forward-moving, future-focused, and strengths-based sprinkled with humor and mind/body awareness. If you want some additional accountability, especially at first, I can provide this via text or email in between sessions to support you in achieving your goals. The outcomes of coaching are yours to create, and this partnership can be empowering and transformative.

I work with ADHD/Neurodivergent individuals, groups, and couples. I work with parents, partners, and managers of Neurodivergent individuals. I also work with current/former competitive athletes because of my own experience transitioning away from college athletics after graduating from Brown University in 2002.

Today, I am a Neurodivergent coach with 20+ years of combined professional experience in Human Resources leadership, coaching, disability programs, education, technology, and life sciences.

I am trained in ADHD and life coaching and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

My ADHD identity (not discovered until age 39), training, education, and diverse work experiences provide the foundation for my work with purpose and passion.

In addition to being a Coach, which is my passion, I also provide Neurodiversity and Human Resources Consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses because there is such a strong need for training and acceptance of the 1 in 5 who think differently. I help businesses to embrace ADHD and Neurodiversity and understand why it pays to implement Neuro-inclusive HR practices.

  • New Hampshire, United States
  • ADD Coach Academy Trained with certification anticipated early 2023!
  • ICF Member with ACC anticipated early 2023!
Who I Help
  • ADHD
  • ADHD College Students
  • ADHD couples
  • ADHD Women
  • Athletes
  • Autistic Adults
  • College Athletes
  • Dyslexic Adults
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Late-Diagnosis ADHD
  • Managers
  • Neurodivergent Adults (18+)
  • Parents of ADHDers
  • Partners of ADHDers