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Diana Forbes

Certified Fair Play Method Facilitator - Sick of your invisible/mental load? I have proven tools to help you unapologetically reclaim time for yourself.


About Diana

For all the moms out there sick and tired of doing ALL THE THINGS ... I've got you! I've been helping women to lighten their load and reclaim time for themselves as a certified life coach for over a decade.

I upped my game last year by training with author Eve Rodsky ("Fair Play," "Find Your Unicorn Space") as part of her team of Certified Fair Play Method Facilitators, so now I have an even wider range of proven tools to help women recognize and alleviate the weight of their domestic workload --- especially the mental and invisible load.

With or without a partner willing to support you, I can help you make some important, intentional choices about what you can no longer settle for and help you create and enforce boundaries to consistently prioritize your own needs.

Though the most important work I do first focuses on the needs of the female caregiver/mom, if a partner is supportive and willing to learn about the Fair Play Method, I also support couples as they learn to implement it together.

  • Virginia, United States
  • Certified Co-Active Professional Coach
  • Certified Fair Play Method Facilitator
Who I Help
  • caregivers
  • couples sick of arguing over chores
  • moms
  • mothers
  • women who've HAD IT with the invisible/mental load
  • working mothers