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About Jennifer

Together we go on a journey. It starts with gaining clarity about what is important to you and then defining your goals and how to move toward them. Meeting you where you are at, I don't assume that I have the answers or can provide the plan for you. Instead, I guide us through a process where you discover what you know (but maybe don't realize you know) and what you need. I ask powerful questions to help reveal patterns of thought and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck. You decide what resonates and what steps will be most beneficial to move you toward your goal.

This approach works for many realms of life...from seeking to make a life transition to enhancing your leadership; from intentionally developing an aspect of yourself to charting a course for professional development. It is most effective for people who are internally motivated to work toward a goal and have a growth mindset.

  • Vermont, United States
Who I Help
  • Non-profit leaders
  • People experiencing major life changes
  • People seeking clarity about purpose
  • Small business owners