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About Eva

Hi! I'm Eva Live — author, teacher, and coach. As an inner voice facilitator, I specialize in helping you tune in to hear your intuition (aka inner voice, spirit, higher self, voice of God, or divine essence) even if you don't know what that is exactly or have never heard it before.

Once you develop the skill of hearing specific words from your inner voice and open up to wisdom beyond your mind, a whole new world begins to unfold for you, as your inner voice can give you direct guidance on how to shift your life in a sovereign, loving way.

I've seen the gamut of spiritual practice that exists today — from being raised as a fundamentalist Evangelical Christian, to exploring the cutting edge of spiritual expression in Charismatic Christianity in my 20's, to letting go of assumptions as an agnostic in my early 30's, to learning from many modern spiritual teachers outside of religion in my late 30's.

But it's what I've discovered since coming inside that's compelled me to bring my work to the world. The inner voice showed me a life that's as far beyond the mind as a human is beyond a monkey. It's an evolutionary jump into wholeness that brings together the human and divine parts of your being, much as Jesus displayed 2,000 years ago.

The more I've integrated my life and tuned in to my inner essence, the more passion has bubbled up for bringing my true, unique offering to the world to invite, incite, and call for transformation in those who love the depth and feel the inner drive to expand, be more, and ultimately shift into spiritual realization and mastery.

  • Washington, United States