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About Wayne

I'm a seasoned African-American and gay corporate professional whose goal in the world is to use my nearly five decades of life experience to lessen the amount of suffering in the world. I grew up in the civil rights South and have done years of hard work with lots of support to navigate trauma associated with racism, religion, and sexual orientation discrimination and I'm passionate about being a partner in helping other similar individuals do the same in a way that helps them come out on the other end, more powerful than they could imagine. Being a person who has had to "wear masks" and "put on performances" in so many aspects of my life, I also deeply connect to professional musicians, actors, entertainment professionals, and politicians and am passionate about helping them hone their crafts while learning to connect to their true selves, which informs a deeper, richer, and more impactful experience from those they entertain with their talents and gifts. I'm a nerd and class clown type who tactfully brings laughter and levity to professional settings while not hesitating to get to the heart of the matter providing my clients with a safe, warm, and open environment where they can express themselves fully without any worry of judgment in any form whatsoever. I'm will be your partner in accessing the brightest light and deepest connection to yourself and I'm always ready to "go there" with your permission.

  • Alabama, United States
  • Certified Leader as Coach
Who I Help
  • Executives
  • HR/People Managers
  • LGBTQIA+ Individuals
  • Managers
  • Professional Musicians & Entertainment Artists