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Manouchka Elefant

Digital Marketer & Social Media Expert 🌐 Mental Health Advocate & Counselor


About Manouchka

I'm the coach for you if you need to find your direction, get clarity, and strategize.

Originally from Switzerland, I spent 15 years between Canada, South Korea, and Singapore.

I have a background in Business & Marketing and a passion for Mental Health & Wellbeing.

I'm lucky to be able to fulfill all my interests between my role as Director and Counselor at Psychology Experts and my digital marketing shop BIGi Agency.

I know what it's like to be an expat and entrepreneur while trying to be happy and productive.

I've found my way from the corporate world in Singapore to building my own company between Asia and Europe. I've also been through periods of doubt and anxiety, and I've also helped people through them.

If you need my coaching, simply reach out right now!

  • Switzerland
  • Advanced Social Media Strategy, Certification, Hootsuite
  • Positive Psychology Foundations, Specialization, University of Pennsylvania
  • Project Management, Certification, Google
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Expatriates
  • People who are scared to fail or get started
  • People who need a change in their career / life
  • People who want to know about marketing
  • People who want work-life balance
  • People with big ideas