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Christine McDougall

Redesigning enterprises for a world with a future


About Christine

Christine McDougall lives and works at the frontiers of new models of enterprise design, human coordination, capital, accounting for value, care and love for our planet and its future, all Earths creatures.

Her work as a coach/mentor is for those people who know we must change how we do everything and are daring enough to lead transformative change.

A 35-year applied student of the work of R.Buckminster Fuller, Christine specifically practices the application of nature's laws to the human relational dynamic, the interior development of the steward leader, and the systems and structures that underpin every human construct.

As Founder of Syntropic World, a global education platform and enterprise incubator for Syntropic Enterprises, with graduates in 25 countries, Christine is committed to Syntropic Enterprises becoming the way we do business, leaving everything better. She supports a global community of Syntropic Enterprise creators - ranging from regenerative agriculture to children's education, to web 3 applications. New language, new culture, new models, new world.

In 2015|2016 Christine created and curated an event, Big Blue Sky, a multi-stakeholder event for the city of the Gold Coast designed to bring all levels of the community together to co-create the future of our city. Big Blue Sky was funded by three levels of government and gained sponsorship from major institutions and corporations.

  • Australia