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About Annaliese

I am a certified Life Design Coach working with ambitious, overachieving Christian women to leave the overwhelm, anxiousness, and the hustle behind for a life they LOVE and believe in.

God's design for you to live abundantly is right here for you!

I had gotten stuck for years in the hustle and I've felt that deep disconnection from my real self in the past, but now I'm living in the breakthrough God tells us is possible!
I do life completely different than I did before. Now I take ownership, I trust myself more, I practice new and practical ways to live into God's truths and I radically accept myself so I'm now intentionally building a life I love.

This is all possible for you too.
God designed you for it!

My favorite thing about coaching is showing women HOW they can quit acting from self-doubt, insecurity and anxiety and really step into confidence, peace, and boldness. They get to wake their God-given dream up, make it REAL, and make the choices they want to create the life they were designed for.

Women who don’t want to wait anymore for circumstances or other people to change
Women who are ready to live like they believe God made them for deep peace and freedom
Women who are DONE being victims of the hustle and comparison, and ready to step into the confidence they know they can have in their own life
Women who are ready to face what’s getting in their way so they can take charge and create a life they LOVE personally and professionally

Is this you too? Let me help you stop just reacting to your circumstances and instead be proactively who you really are, living aligned with the joy and freedom God told you is possible!

Have your first session with me for FREE to see if coaching with me feels right for your goals:

  • Michigan, United States
  • Certified Professional Life & Leadership Coach
Who I Help
  • Christian
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • Professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Women