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Fatima Williams

Helping people impacted by chronic illness to thrive... even in the face of diagnosis


About Fatima

I am a Spiritual Life and Wellness coach. I help people impacted by chronic illness say yes to health as their divine birthright and to put their spiritual wellbeing front and center so they can thrive... even in the face of diagnosis.

Why Spiritual Life & Wellness Coaching?

It is my belief that our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies are interconnected and that wholeness and healing can be achieved when one is willing to ask the bigger questions concerning these three.

This work is both experiential and personal. You see, following a time of intense stress and burnout, I received a life-changing diagnosis of stage 3 chronic kidney disease and a divine invitation to do life differently.

I believe that I am here to help you create health-affirming habits and wellness to last you a lifetime and where you get to thrive regardless of what you've been told. I am also here to help you uncover such hidden truth as:

What is diagnosis here to teach you?
Who will you choose to become as a result?
What nuggets of wisdom can be found?

There is wisdom to be found in the unpacking of one's spiritual wellness story. Together we get to take inspired action and push the needle forward so that you can thrive... even in the face of diagnosis.

Despite what you've been told.. it is possible, friend. And I'm here to partner with you as your Coach, Spiritual BFF, & Wellness Cheerleader so that you can unlock & discover your inner healer and take the next steps.

Better wellness and a more inspired way of living awaits. So whaddaya' say? Shall we take this hero's journey together?

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  • California, United States
  • Certified Colon Therapist
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Holistic Health Consultant
Who I Help
  • autoimmune illness
  • chronic illness
  • chronic kidney disease
  • chronic kidney patients
  • CKD
  • diabetes
  • fibromyalgia
  • hypertension
  • kidney wellness thrivers
  • men
  • new thought christians
  • new thought practitioners
  • people into spirituality and health
  • spiritual seekers
  • women