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Lina Mueller

Independent instead of Codependent! Love instead of Shame! Confidence instead of Self-Doubt!


About Lina

Hi. My name is Lina and I am 34 years old. I currently live in the north of Germany but I also spend a lot of time in my other home- the United States of America!
I have been a natural coach all my life. I think people notice very quickly that I am very empathic and open minded and they feel they can trust me even with secret thoughts they never shared with anyone else before. Especially women have always described me as “the kind of confident that theyd like to be”. Little did they know that what seemed like confidence was only a cover up for all the insecurities I held inside. It was a long journey and lots of inner work to become authentically confident, empowered and free of shame! I want to help women (and men) feel the same way. We are here to be ourselves, but the world can seem to be against us.

  • Germany
Who I Help
  • Couples
  • Husbands
  • Men
  • Moms
  • Musicians
  • Singles
  • Women