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Bree Sutton

Athletic Performance Mindset Coach


About Bree

I help athletes identify and crush the barriers that get in the way of them performing at their best. I use a specific technique called brainspotting to address the neurophysiological issues that keep them stuck.

I am a licensed mental health therapist and certified mindset coach. As a coach, I focus on wellness and helping folks improve on what is working while clearing the areas of the brain that are stopping them from their top performance. This is not mental health therapy.

Our brain and body hold difficult memories as a way to safeguard us from letting something bad happen again. While this can help us stay safe, it can also inhibit an athlete from reaching the next level

A negative event like a missed catch, hard fall, blindside hit or concussion, causes maladaptive neuropathways to develop in the brain. If there is no intentional and targeted work done to create a new healthy pathway, the brain will use the trauma pathway, which causes the athlete to lose their finely tuned and practiced movements.

Brainspotting is the tool that accesses the deep brain in order to clear the unhelpful pathways and memory networks associated with the negative event so the athlete can perform at their best; calmly, with excitement and trust in their training and ability.

  • Washington, United States
  • Certified Mindset Coach
  • Licensed Mental Health Therapist
Who I Help
  • actors
  • athletes
  • performers