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Raelynn Steffensmeier

I help busy women get to the root of their chaos through compassionate coaching and custom programs so they can live their BEST LIFE. Declutter Your Life. Discover Real Freedom.


About Raelynn

Being a busy woman can be HARD.

Are you constantly stressed/burned out behind closed doors?

Are you going through a hard life transition (divorce, etc) and want to redefine yourself or shift your mindset?

Do you have a lot of "good intentions" in keeping organized but get stuck with how to get started or remain in analysis/paralysis mode?

Overloaded with mental or emotional clutter that keeps you unproductive at times?

Do you sometimes have a hard time saying no?

Do you put others first above your own self-care?

Do you cope with overwhelm by over-shopping, emotional eating, or over-thinking?

I know what it feels like to have it together from the outside looking in, but really be suffering behind closed doors. . . I know what it feels like to be organized in some parts of your life and living in pure chaos in others. I also know how damaging sabotaging inner dialogue can be and how unhealthy coping mechanisms makes things worse. Often, I was embarrassed inside and riddled with guilt by what I thought was a lack of discipline to keep a healthy routine.

About 8 years ago, I had finally had it. I was completely fed up. Thankfully, not only was I able to dig myself out of shame/guilt and bad habits, but I was FINALLY able to simplify my life for the first time. And, more importantly, I have been able to maintain those habits. But in order to get that change, I had to get to the root of the problem. . not just cure the symptoms.

This personal journey is what inspired me to become a Certified Professional Coach. I am passionate about helping women, like you, get to the bottom of your chaos as quickly as possible. It took me almost 40 years. Don't take the long way, trust me. Together, we can declutter the physical, mental, and emotional "mess" once and for all and help you acquire the tools to deal with anything life throws at you.

Are you ready to live your life differently?

  • Indiana, United States
  • ACC credential (ICF)
  • Certified Professional Coach
Who I Help
  • Business women
  • Professional women
  • Stay at home women
  • Women
  • Women wanting to simplify their life