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About Anna

I am a mindset coach for LGBTQ+ athletes helping them overcome their mental block so that they can confidently step into their full potential.

My life purpose is to take my love, passion, and drive for a healthy mind/body connection into the lives of queer athletes so that they can step fully into their purpose.

Athlete= state of mind. You do not have to actively be pursing a sport to work with me (once and athlete, always an athlete)!

I work on inner transformation throughout a 10 week 1:1 program with you. Our time together consists of shadow work (getting to know the parts of you that you suppress or hide) boundary work (to protect your mind, body, and heart), and higher self work (to get you stepping into a life that you love and desire).

Sound like you?? I would love to meet you and tell you a little bit more of my story and what got me here! I can't wait to talk with you!

  • New York, United States
  • Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Athletes
  • LGBTQ+