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Dina Haggenjos

Empower YOUR freedom to choose to create the life and wellness you desire, with more intuition, less restriction.


About Dina

I am an inner-power enthusiast and strategic partner that gets the difficulty between knowing and actually doing.

As a mom of three, co-owner of two small businesses, Founder of Free WELL and a former senior-level director, I know firsthand the difficulty that lies between “knowing better” and actually “doing better.” I also know the feeling of having to parent like I’m not a professional and work like I’m not a parent. And I know how it feels when parts of your life seem disconnected, like you’re constantly taking two steps forward then five steps back, or just not being able to work on the things you really envision for yourself. I also know what it's like work at home and want so badly to live a life of "not hustling" that it seems like your "hustle" becomes doing all you can to avoid the social trap of hustling.

I guide women to realize their full potential by helping to identify their blocks, guide and teach on sustainable, holistic change, and bring a new, all-of-you approach to their whole lives.

I work strategically with women virtually and in-person on their mindset, lifestyle, and nutrition so they may go from knowing to actually doing the things they want to do in a holistic and realistic way!

  • Ohio, United States
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • MA in Diagnosis and Intervention
  • Postpartum Doula
Who I Help
  • Women in a state of change (family, job, health, motherhood, etc)
  • Women seeking flow, and integration of their desires with their unique lives
  • Women who are tired of the start and stop cycle
  • Women who want a better relationship with their body, mind, and food
  • Women who want to attend to their whole selves and not just parts
  • Women who want to enjoy motherhood more and do so confidently