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Stacie Hildebrand

Helping disconnected couples reconnect and become a stronger team


About Stacie

I believe relationships and connectedness determines the quality of your life. Learning healthy relationship skills can have positive ripple effects across all areas of your life and relationships. I worked to help couples improve their relationship for 26 years as a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I found the medical model of therapy did not apply to my work and coaching was a better fit. My style uses direct communication, humor, examples, an assessment that identifies the relationship strengths and areas for improvement, and my 9-step Reconnection Roadmap to help couples reconnect and become a stronger team. Being in a relationship and feeling misunderstood, unseen, and lonely can feel devastating and isolating. I would love to help you work to reconnect and learn to like each other again.

  • Louisiana, United States
  • Completed Level 1 and 2 of Gottman Method Skills Training
  • LMFT
  • LPC
Who I Help
  • couples
  • couples needing communication skills
  • couples needing healthy relationship skills
  • couples struggling with infertility
  • couples who need healthy conflict skills
  • disconnected couples