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Linda Kelly

Relationship and Marriage Coach


About Linda

I’m a Relationship and Marriage Coach to Couples and individual Women and Men.

I help busy and high performing couples reconnect and become closer to get their relationship and marriage back on track.

The pressures that highly driven couples experience can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time but it can take a toll on their relationship.

With balancing their work, possibly running their own business and fulfilling family commitments, they may find their relationship is their last priority, until it possibly breaks down. What was once a close and safe relationship can end up with partners feeling like their room-mates, communicating out of necessity, often argue, feeling frustrated and functioning to keep their family, lifestyle and appearances in tact. Maybe trust has been broken because attention has been given to someone else outside their relationship. Often these couples are successful in their own way because of their position, social status and education, but they can feel alone in their relationship crisis.

On the upside, this couple want to improve their relationship and marriage but need help to get there.

This is where I help and educate couples to further understand each other and learn strategies towards reconnection and closeness again. To guide them back to strengthening their relationship and marriage.

My relationship coaching is an integrative focused approach. This allows me to be more directive in a supportive way, using real life techniques to help couples transform the way they communicate, deepen their understanding of one another and express affection. My university degrees in coaching, counselling, education and specialised relationship modalities also underpin my coach in approach.

So when couples work with me:

❇️ They learn new ways of communicating, instead of arguing or avoiding each other.

❇️ They expand their understanding towards their partner, instead of focusing on who is right or wrong.

❇️ They adapt new ways of communicating so they both feel heard and validated, instead of feeling dissed and frustrated.

❇️ They learn healthier ways to have a disagreement or conflict and stay present, instead of it escalating and becoming toxic.

❇️ They delve into making new patterns of trust and openness, so they feel safe and secure within their relationship.

❇️ They discover that connection over control brings more harmony and fun between them and their family.

❇️ They create new prioritises that allows them the quality time to strengthen their intimacy and closeness.

These foundations of connection leads partners back to each other - each partner is worthy of all this.

If couples are committed to making changes in their relationship and within themselves, then I’m committed to helping them.

To start your relationship coaching journey with me, book online at Sessions are available in-person and online

  • Australia
  • Bachelor Education
  • Grad Dip Counselling
  • Relationship Coaching
Who I Help
  • Business Owners
  • CEO’s
  • High performing couples